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The Swiss DIY market experienced no more than weak growth last year (+ 0.5 per cent). The number of DIY stores rose by five outlets (3 per cent), and retail area grew by 7.4 per cent to 577 575 m². The greatest growth was recorded by the Coop with four more outlets and retail area up by 25 000 m², followed by Hornbach with a new opening in Villeneuve (12 646 m²). Migros had two more stores in operation than at the end of 2003. There were no changes for Obi or Do It, and only Jumbo was one outlet down at the end of 2004 on the group’s 2003 total.
There is increasing pressure on prices in Switzerland, which has been causing concern at Migros Do It + Garden. Despite this, the cooperative announced that the sales of its Obi stores were continuing to rise. Two new Obi outlets (at Bülach and S. Antonio) are currently under construction, and a further six are definitely going to be built. This year Bauhaus intends to open a first branch with a weighted retail area of approximately 12 000 m² south of Bern.
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