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A slight tax cut and low interest rates in Sweden increased the general propensity to spend on home enhancement products in 2004 and provided a boost for the new housing market as well.
Rautakesko had twelve K-Rauta stores in operation at the end of the year, following two new openings at Sundsvall and Täbay, Stockholm. Bauhaus opened one outlet at Västeras that has a weighted retail area of 12 500 m². Growth was also recorded by Rusta (5), Interpares (2), Byggtrygg (5), Byggmax (6) and Clas Ohlson (3). The Cheapy discount line belonging to Dankse Tælast saw expansion to its current total of eight stores. A newcomer to the market is the Danish Jem & Fix format (Harald Nyborg) with two stores in Sweden.
The Järnia cooperative group finished the year 2004 with considerably fewer stores (–29) than the year before. There was a decline in the total number of outlets recorded by both Färgtema (–21) and Beijer (–1), which is also part of Danske Trælast.
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